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My name is Alaina Craft, LMT & I'm dedicated to the lifestyle of Lomi which involves all aspects of life to promote health & balance.  It is so much more than just the wonderful Lomilomi treatment I offer - ranging from diet, emotional/mental health, self care & much more!  I believe that the mind, body & spirit are all interconnected.  Through my treatments I hope to start you on a journey to heal and raise consciousness of your mind, body & spirit connection.  Each session is customized for your individual goals.  May this journey lead you to find the root cause of an issue you have or simply lead you to a healthier, happier you.  Thank you for visiting & letting me share my passion with you!




Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart to everyone in NY! Really, truly, deeply...Each & every one of you are a true blessing in my life. I'm so very grateful for having your support.  YOU are what makes Enchanted Spirit Massage special & allows my business to exist. With your support I am able to follow my dreams, give you the little extra added touches to make it unique/special & spend more one on one time for each client instead of back to back. Together we made this possible & I'm honored to be your LMT. smiley

Are you on Maui?  Let's start a healing journey together!






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