Enchanted Spirit Massage

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Enchanted Spirit Massage is currently closed & does not have an office. 

I would love to see you for a treatment!

How to find the office: No current office location.


Please feel free to contact me on my business cell phone from 9am- 8pm at (808) 495-2205 (Hawaii Time Zone). I will respond to all messages within 24 hours.  It is very important that you please leave me a message. Thank you for understanding that during a session I cannot answer my phone!





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It's a wonderful compliment & great honor to receive a referral from a client.  If you found me by way of someone I have had the privilege of treating, please include that person's name so that I may thank them & express my gratitude.

* Please be advised that all services are absolutely non-sexual and non-erotic.  Do not ask. *

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