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Offering professional, high quality experiences & treatments with Massage, Lomilomi & Healing with Seashells

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Enchanted Spirit Massage does not currently have an office location.

Mobile professional treatments traveling to your location on Molokai are available to schedule.  Treatments can be done inside or outside, depending on the weather.

I would love to see you for a treatment!



How to find the office: Enchanted Spirit Massage does not currently have an office location. 




Please feel free to contact me on my business cell phone from 8am- 7pm at (808) 495-2205 (Hawaii time). I will respond to all messages within 24 hours.  It is very important that you please leave me a message. Thank you for understanding that during a session I cannot answer my phone!





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It's a wonderful compliment & great honor to receive a referral from a client.  If you found me by way of someone I have had the privilege of treating, please include that person's name so that I may thank them & express my appreciation.

* Please be advised that all services are absolutely non-sexual and non-erotic.  Do not ask.*

Contact Information & Location

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