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Traditional 2 hour Treatment for $200

Most know Lomilomi as being primarily branched off into 2 different styles - "Temple Style" - (aka "Kahuna Bodywork") & "Auntie Margaret's Style" - (aka "Big Island Massage").  My lineage traces back to both Auntie Margaret & Kahu Abraham through my Kumu Gloria Ku'uleialoha Coppola (my teacher).  Temple style was shared among the public through Kahu Abraham Kawai'i.  Auntie Margaret Machado was the 1st to share her style with non-hawaiians.  Both of them have a little difference in techniques but the main principles remain the same.  Lomilomi is more than just a technique though, it is a lifestyle.

What is it?  Lomilomi is a form of Hawaiian healing that is traditionally done in a 2 hour treatment.  It consists of over 48 modalities - examples: Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Energy work & Reflexology - & can include things like range of motion, stretching, rocking, stillness & abdominal massage with light or deep pressure.  Instead of separating different treatments, it combines them to provide exactly & only what you need for this healing session.

As a therapist, I'm incorporating things like hula, martial arts & breath work while providing your treatment to enchanting Hawaiian music.  Coconut oil is used liberally to enable the use of beautiful forearm techniques that mimic ocean waves with massage.  It's also infused with Aloha & uses pule (prayer) to set intention/guidance.  Integrating your whole body is the key to achieving goals - by reuniting the mind, body & spirit connection, it restores overall balance to leave you feeling healthy & happy!  One of the best parts is that it has all the amazing benefits from the many modalities it incorporates & will immerse you in relaxation/stress relief.

My wonderful Kumu has videos that will show some insight into the style of Lomilomi taught to me.  To better understand what this treatment is all about, check them out. :~)

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Lomilomi Medley

$150 for 90 minutes

Gives you a taste of what a Lomilomi session is all about! It's the combination of a full-body Customized Massage & Lomilomi treatment blended together to focus on your goals. This session begins by preparing your body with range of motion & stretching. It's followed by flowing forearm techniques mimicking ocean waves that carry in relaxation & pain relief with massage. Enchanting Hawaiian music & Aloha fill the air as we restore balance during this healing treatment.


Hapai Lomilomi

$155 for 95 minutes

Pregnancy lomilomi for pre & post-natal done in a side-lying position.  This Hawaiian healing can include things from range of motion, stretching, rocking, stillness & abdominal massage.  Flowing forearm techniques mimic ocean waves with massage.  My goal is to provide soothing comfort filled with relaxation to honor & support your body throughout all the changes - resulting in a happy momma & baby.

*A signed release form is required from your Midwife/Obstetrician if you are experiencing any the following: high risk pregnancy, diabetes, cardiac disorders, asthma, pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH), preeclampsia, previous preterm multiple births/miscarriages, recently gave birth or experiencing severe swelling, high blood pressure or sudden, severe headaches.


*4.167% tax is added to all rates on Maui*

 Enchanted Spirit Massage offers Maui Kama'aina Rates: Kama'aina residents with valid Hawaii ID are eligible for a discount.  Client Referral Program: You can earn a 15 minute credit for referring someone to schedule an appointment for a 1 hour or longer session!  Please ask for further details.


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