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Client Feedback: descriptions & comments 

What a treat!  Alaina came highly recommended to me through a medical professional.  I have been suffering from sciatica that developed during my last trimester of prenancy and was having a hard time moving around.  If you ever had to seek pain relief during pregnancy you will know that the use of pain killers and inflammation relief drugs is very limited.  Massage therapy was the only way I could find much needed relief from the pain in my pelvis and leg.  The environment at Enchanted is comfortable, relaxing and clean and Alaina always carefully listens to your requests.  She did a deep tissue and pressure point massage that helped alleviate my symptoms.  So grateful to have found you.  ~M. Johnson

Informative.  Head and neck work was great.  ~Nathan

Wonderful, I feel like a limp noodle. :-) The entire experience was awesome.  ~Valerie

Perfect  ~Paul

Fantastic  ~John

Found a therapist that listened to what I needed work on.  Feel confident in returning future clients to Alaina.  It was amazing.  ~Karen

Happy  ~Janeta

Fantastic! She was awesome.  ~Paul

I am from AZ on vacation.  Had other massages in town, this by far was the best!  Left feeling relaxed, less sore & blissful.  She was professional.  ~Chase

Heaven  ~Jeanne

Spiritual.  The therapist ability to understand my body and needs.  ~Ruth

Perfect best ever.  ~John

It was great, I came in real tight & feel awesome.  It was perfect.  ~Paul

Fantastic  ~W.

Refreshing  ~Jason

Super smooth.  Just what I needed.  Loved the cranial/neck focus.  Perfecto.  ~Kris

Consistent and confident.  ~Eileen

Amazing.  The areas of concern/pain were dealt with immediately and excellently.  ~Anthony

Refreshing  ~Michael

Very therapeutic.  Perfect.  ~John

Therapeutic  ~Kirk

Awesome  ~Pam

Flowing – Really knew what she was doing very professional.  Asked about temp, pressure, spent time on the areas needed.  Worked on my problem areas & made me feel comfortable.  ~Crystal

It was the best massage i've ever had!  Very caring & concerned.  ~Susan

Very smooth throughout every area.  She made sure the pressure was enough and also treated me friendly.  The atmosphere was great and calming, my therapist did a great job working on the areas that were bothering me.  ~Tammy

Was very knowledgable.  Enjoyed it very much.  ~David

Smooth & easy – flowed from one area to next.  Friendly, smiling.  Therapist’s hands comforting & warm.  Very satisfied.  ~Shannon

Good communication.  ~Ronald

She did outstanding in using more pressure where needed.  She was super.  Soft spoken which is relaxing.  ~Richard

Perfect.  Her technique was very smooth.  She made me very comfortable, focused on my trouble areas. It was very fluid & I wish it could have been for a couple of hours!  ~Willis

Soothing.  She addressed all issues, fine job.  I’ll be back.  ~Jerry

Very soothing.  She was very professional.  Flowed her techniques very well.  ~Adrea

Just right – excellent throughout.  Well paced, confident, very smooth, and free flowing.  Very good ”people skills” – made me feel comfortable and “at home”.  A beautiful massage experience – at no time was contact not maintained with client – fresh, happy welcome – great neck, face, shoulder, knee, and back massage.  ~Bob

De-stressing  ~Linda

Very flowing and therapeutic.  Warm, friendly, kept the lights down, asked about comfort, pressure.  The back work was fabulous – much needed, perfect – all of it was wonderful  ~Claudia

Well paced, continuous, flowing and confident.  A delightful experience. Great lower back, and foot massage – never lost contact with client – very relaxing.  ~Bob

Very rhythmic & fluid.  Perfect amount of time every where & even left time for the feet!  Perfect pressure & awesome ROM.  Foot massage was delightful.  ~Amanda

Very rhythmic & smooth massage.  Just the right amount of time spent on each area.  ~Tina

Very confident!  Enough time on problem areas.  Perfect pressure.  Beautiful use of elbow/forearm.  ~Mary Ann

Fantastic  ~John

Room temp, & music just right vol.  ~Shannon

Centering  ~Meghan

Good continuity.  Alaina paid close attention to tissue response.  Alaina paid attention to my problem areas & also budgeted time for the rest.  Careful to ask about comfort & pressure.  Two positive things about massage: Variable pressure, responsive and stretching & ROM.  ~Paula

Invigorating.  Therapist focused on areas that typically give me the most problems. – which really helped.  ~Nathan

Two positive things about massage: The draping.  Her techniques around my knees and elbows and teres minor/major attachments.  Little things like that, that not every LMT does.  ~Adrea

Confident  ~Shannon

I believe the best part is the atmosphere.  ~W.

Soothing  ~Nathan

A beautiful experience.  Great face, neck and arm massage. Well paced and professional- therapeutic massage.  ~Bob

Really great flow.  Very soothing rhythm & speed.  Speed & pressure were fantastic.  Loved it!  ~William


Enchanted Spirit Massage used the online scheduling system for almost 6 years through Genbook.  It had 94 published & verified reviews with an overall 5.0 star rating.  The link to the reviews unfortunately expired when the service was cancelled.  These reviews will be added & coming soon!

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